Deer Sightings– March 25-26

Kimberly R., Ward 2
I typically see 4-6 deer 3-4x/day in my front and back yard on Geddes between Hill and Onondaga. They have eaten the lower 5 feet of branches of all of my neighbor’s arborvitae. They regularly consume my hostas, roses, vines, vegetable garden, flowers. I have deer droppings all over my front/back lawn. I see them cross Geddes Avenue between Hill and Concord Street regularly, creating a traffic danger. Yesterday a large deer was walking along the side of my house and I noticed it had a large area (4″ long?) above its leg that was missing fur. I am concerned about leaving my cat out because sometimes a pack of them run through my yard. They effortlessly jump over my hurricane fences. I will send photos to the site.

Anna M. from SoPac

Don’t know if this is helpful, but I was driving down Hill on Sunday and saw two huge does just hanging out in someone’s driveway around 2pm in the afternoon.

John S. from Dexter-Miller

I was on Miller at the north entrance to West Park, saw 2 that had crossed Miller going north and were browsing in the side yard of one of the houses.

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