Deer Sightings– Ward 3

from Burns Park

I am writing to report deer scat found in my back yard on Olivia Ave. today 4/11/2015 just 1/2 block north of Burns Park. Last year we had deer in our yard who ate our whole vegetable garden and probably 30 hostas right down to the root. The deer would walk right down the sidewalk and over the fence! I am sad to say we may not plant a vegetable garden this year if deer are already feeding in our yard – it is too bad since the growing experience is so exciting to involve my children in! Last year my boys were so disappointed our gardening efforts were foiled by deer, and it is not worth the time and $$$ if there is no solution to the obvious deer problem in town. It is sad to see deer walking down the sidewalks in the downtown neighborhoods – they must be frightened, and it cannot be healthy for the deer. I support culling and hope to see this situation resolved! Thank you,


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