Deer hit by car on Washtenaw Ave

Sept 2, 2015


From a homeowner near the corner of Sheridan and Washtenaw September 3, 2015

    …. At about 6:35 this morning a policeman rang our doorbell. He told J……. that a large deer had been hit by a vehicle (I assume on Washtenaw). and ran north on Sheridan and collapsed in the street outside our driveway. He dragged the buck onto our lawn to get it out of the bus lane (# 14 bus). He said that he had called for a pick-up. I have no information about the vehicle that apparently hit the deer.

    I ran out with J…’s camera and got a good picture of the then dead buck. We assume it’s in the camera’s removable memory chip. Neither of us knows how to put the image file into a computer for printing or e-mail distribution. a good caption might be: “This is what the HSUS might regard as a humane death.”

    There is dried-up blood on the street under where the deer was. It will probably be washed away by rain.

    At about 7:30 a.m. the man in the blue pickup was struggling to get the heavy animal up a ramp into the bed of his truck. It was obviously very heavy, almost too heavy for the man to get it up the ramp.

This is, at least, the 2nd deer killed on Washtenaw this year, first one also near Washtenaw and Sheridan, but actually died on Washtenaw, with hind portion in the right hand lane, was then pulled off the street into someone’s driveway.

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