Fawn sightings and deer accidents, Spring 2015

New deer tracking

P0000117 (2)I had said that we would track where the deer were during February and March 2015, and I think we accomplished this — for at least the Neighborhoods in my network of “Nextdoor” neighbors. You can see that the deer are heavily present in Ward 1 and 2, though there are some cropping up around the city. I did not to enter areas where I had seen deer in the past (like on the corner of Crestlawn and St. Francis), though not during this time period, and I did not enter records sent me from people who said they had seen them in certain places “in the past”.

On the older map, I also indicated where deer accidents and deaths occurred and where a coyote was sighted.

I would like to create another map now that continues to track deer incidents/accidents AND lets us see where and when the fawns show up.

So, unless you live outside Ward 1 and 2– please no more deer sightings– with the exception of accidents. I will add new deer reports, from other wards to the older map.
BUT everyone– love to see where and how many fawns you see.
Thanks for your help.

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