What do the city bus drivers know?

On my way home right now as we bumped up Brooks St (arguably the bumpiest bus road in the City), I asked the driver if he sees many deer on his route. He said he’s been driving for 18 years and the deer are really increasing along Newport. He had stopped for a herd of them this morning, he said, and that he often has to stop and toot his horn until they wander off. I suspect bus drivers could tell us a lot about deer in the City.

From: M. Holland


From Nextdoor.com

A2 resident reports Amtrak train hit deer “herd” near A2 Train Station on Feb. 1, 2015

I just wanted to add that on Superbowl Sunday I was on the Amtrak train and we hit a herd a deer right before the Ann Arbor train station. The deer took out most of our braking system. This really could have been a deadly accident, and I’m grateful that the guys could clean up everything and get us moving again after a long delay. I also have had Lyme disease which is a disease you really want to avoid. There are too many deer in our area.


Deer Sightings

“A doe and 2 fawns ran down S. Revena Blvd. last summer & about 3 years ago a buck (probably an adolescent) was in the backyard of my next store neighbor. Thought he was munching on something but could not quite see what he was doing.”

Its been going on for a while in Ward 4

From A. Carter

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Deer Report

Katie Richter from Maplewood 4h ago

Tuesday night I saw a car/deer collision on Huron Parkway also around 6:30. I don’t think the car had any time to brake or react. it was a full frontal impact. Very difficult to watch.

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Deer Reports

I’m not exactly sure how to give this input to the city, so I thought I would send it to you!

Yesterday we saw two deer just off Down Up Circle, a few days ago I saw a three deer, and a couple of weeks ago Alan saw nine deer in the same area. We are in Newport West Condos, Ward 1 next to Bird Hills Park.

Last year the deer decimated a number of bushes on our street – Pine Grove Ct.

From: Bette C.

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Deer reports

From Warren W, forwarded by Maurita H.

Greetings from Florida. My neighbor walked over to my house this evening to check why the motion sensor had activated my floodlights. I thought you might like to see the (grainy and dark) picture he sent me of the four or five deer standing five feet from my front porch.

I burlap-wrapped the 22 yews in my front yard for the winter. These past five years the deer have “trimmed” off all the new growth, so I might not be able to save them.


And response to the above email:

Since I live across the street from you, I’m enjoying the various shades of burlap wrapping on your yews. However, with the herd of deer we have with us this winter–and we had 7 last night and 8 the night before, two of which are dragging rear legs–I’m finding my burlap-wrapped holly has already come under attack and a good portion of the vinca across the front of my house has been browsed to the ground. It’s going to be a brutal winter for the environment…and the overabundant deer, too.

Ward 1

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Deer reports

1/12/2015- We had three bucks at our bird feeder yesterday on Vintage Valley for an afternoon snack. Five forms on each side…is that five point or ten point? 🙂 – Susan W., Ward2
note: 3rd buck is out of the picture– but in the yard!

And we got an answer!
Sounds like you had a 10 point buck, using the Eastern US counting system for white-tailed deer. Out West, this would be a 5-point buck–assuming that each of the points was longer than an inch.

1/12-/2015- Oh, we have them in Ward 5 too (in the Red Oak/Newport/Sunset area).
And Ward 1 across M-14. – Vivienne A.

1/11/2015- Friends who live on Burgundy in Ward 2 have just seen 17 deer today in their neighborhood!!
Increasingly, it seem that the major problem is in Ward 2. – Susan C.

Deer sightings: send your report to hillaryh@ix.netcom.com. Include general address and ward please.

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Deer report- 1/10/2015

From Maurita Holland

Seven deer this morning; one limping, dragging a broken leg.. Almost all the vinca in front of my house browsed. Painful to watch the deer and the landscape.

Deer sightings: send your report to hillaryh@ix.netcom.com. Include general address and ward please.

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