Deer Sightings in NE Ann Arbor Neighborhood

In the last week we have seen:

1- Every morning my husband puts out our bird feeders and takes them in every night. Last weekend we left early for a dinner before the UM Dance Program and didn’t bring in the feeders. When we got home that night, there were two does at the feeders, which hang from a pole about 10 feet from our house.

2- On Sunday, we saw a herd of 7 does run through our yard. Very interesting– they were “drafting”, almost single file, but head to flank, so only overlapping a little bit. Not sure what sent them racing through the yard– usually they stay around a bit or meander through. About a half hour later, we saw a dog run through our back yard. Perhaps he is was startled the deer?

3- this morning– three youngish bucks did meander through our yard and the one just behind us. (Note: thought we weren’t supposed to see antlers at this season?) I took a video– not a great one. Have to convert it and then will load.


Deer Destruction and Danger

In addition to being very concerned about the fact that deer often give birth in my yard– thus endangering the three little girls next door as well as my dog, I am also increasingly frustrated about the destruction to my yard.

Twenty eight years ago, I planted a yew hedge across the front of our two lots. The night before we left in January, there were four deer eating this hedge. They have already destroyed greenery which was planted to hide the tennis court and destroyed probably 10 -15 yews and other greens in my back yard which we pulled out last spring. Red twig dogwood, a dogwood tree, trillium, hosta, etc. have also been eaten.

Who wants to –or can afford to continue to re-landscape? Who wants to live in a neighborhood where one’s yard in constantly under assault? Perhaps we can get permission to built higher fences in the back but won’t it be sad to see all of the front yards destroyed for lack of another deterrent? The city planning department allowed a 19 foot high garage to be built one foot from our property line but I can’t grow evergreens to hide this building in my back yard!!

Would Tanya and her group believe that I should remove thousands of dollars worth of evergreens in order to plant boxwood because they are not as tasty to the deer? The problem with that is that the harsh winter last year also destroyed many of my boxwood. I find the ‘solutions’ to be poorly reasoned and unworkable. To see the yard which I planned and planted over almost three decades destroyed, is very upsetting.

Thus, I am saying again that there is an emotional as well as a financial cost to the deer problem. I wish those who want to protect the deer would give very, very exact descriptions of which foliage one should use and who will pay to remove the old and plant the new. I would also point out that sprays are totally impractical for those of us who are gone a lot. Perhaps those who think things are fine, might agree to a new tax which could be used to compensate those of us who are feeding the deer with our landscaping…..well we know that won’t happen:). I would like to see at minimum, a harsh fine for those who feed the deer.

-Sue C. Ward 1


Deer-Accident count

Just got finished reading the results from another unscientific survey. I came across this response:

It was a foggy and rainy evening a couple of weeks ago when I and my family where traveling at a fairly slow speed on Plymouth road just past Barton Dr. heading towards Main Street. when all of sudden a fairly large “buck” was right in front of our car, extremely too close to avoid! The car hit him but it continued to run across! The car incurred $ 2,400 worth of front damage! Luckily none of the passengers in the car was injured because of the slow speed we were traveling at!

Apparently the “buck” incurred little damage because it continued on its way leaving no trace! We where fairly shaken, the city police said they did not need to make a report and suggested reporting the damage to the insurer for repair!

No wonder the city deer-accident report numbers for Ann Arbor are so low!!


Deer Report

Katie Richter from Maplewood 4h ago

Tuesday night I saw a car/deer collision on Huron Parkway also around 6:30. I don’t think the car had any time to brake or react. it was a full frontal impact. Very difficult to watch.

#A2manydeer #deersighting

Deer reports

1/12/2015- We had three bucks at our bird feeder yesterday on Vintage Valley for an afternoon snack. Five forms on each side…is that five point or ten point? 🙂 – Susan W., Ward2
note: 3rd buck is out of the picture– but in the yard!

And we got an answer!
Sounds like you had a 10 point buck, using the Eastern US counting system for white-tailed deer. Out West, this would be a 5-point buck–assuming that each of the points was longer than an inch.

1/12-/2015- Oh, we have them in Ward 5 too (in the Red Oak/Newport/Sunset area).
And Ward 1 across M-14. – Vivienne A.

1/11/2015- Friends who live on Burgundy in Ward 2 have just seen 17 deer today in their neighborhood!!
Increasingly, it seem that the major problem is in Ward 2. – Susan C.

Deer sightings: send your report to Include general address and ward please.

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For a decade now, deer have been a problem

From: Gordon A. Roberts

I have lived in Ann Arbor since 1953. In my first 50 years in Ann Arbor, I was aware of about 3 deer sightings. One was in my backyard about 1960 near Washtenaw and Toumy (Bill Toumy, across the street, still had sheep in his side yard at that time, and we were much closer to open fields), another time was when a deer crashed thru a YMCA window (my wife saw that happen), and possibly another that I don’t remember any details.

My criteria for a metric to measure effective deer control is not seeing any deer in the city.

In the fall of 1953 when it first opened, I began working in The Cooley Building on North Campus. At that time using the west side of North Campus as a marker from the Huron River going straight North and East along the Huron River there were virtually no residential areas. This was open, forested, and farm areas. My usual driving path was Hill St. to Geddes, over the old one lane bridge to Fuller, and to North Campus. In the approximate eight years that I traveled this route I never saw a deer, nor did I see any on North Campus.

I am not clear when deer started to be a problem in Ann Arbor, but it probably started about 2000 to 2005. I started to hear problems from my neighborhood 5 or 6 years ago. For the last two years our vegetable garden has been destroyed. Financially this is worth thousands of dollars.

What needs to be done is culling of the herd as fast as possible. This means immediate action. The city has been denying there is a problem for years, and they still procrastinate. I don’t care how the culling is done, but find a way and do it now. Not sometime in the future. Years of time have already been lost because city officials have seemed to deny there is a problem.


Too much is too much

I live in NE Ann Arbor, south of Plymouth Rd, and have since 1980.
Deer have been around my house for the last few years– devasting any plantings that I have, trees and shrubs that existed when I moved in. I’m going to post some pictures of my “old garden” and the deer that have been in my yard over the years


If you look carefully at this picture taken 4 years ago, you can see my arborvitae in the background, creating a full screen, blocking my view of the neighbor’s yard.

This is my arborvitae "hedge" now

This is my arborvitae “hedge” now

Deer in my yard last winter.  We have had herds as large as 18 deer go through at once.

Deer in my yard last winter. We have had herds as large as 18 deer go through at once.

test P0000045
Leaving some scat behind as a "thanks" for me.

Leaving some scat behind as a “thanks” for me.

P0000009 (2)

Buck in my backyard, 2013


Buck in my yard early December, 2015

P1240875 P0000117 (2)
A few years back-- notice the full hedge of arborvitae

A few years back– notice the full hedge of arborvitae


What used to be…


Now, what’s left of the arborvitae

Not even on my deck is it safe!

Not even on my deck is it safe!


Only 50 deer accidents in all of 2013?

deadfawnI just got finished reading the article in MLive today on “Ann Arbor deer population topic of Dec. 10 public meeting at Huron High”

Couldn’t help but noticing the headline for a related story–“Oh, deer: 50 car crashes caused by Ann Arbor herd in 2013”.

Since I have seen 3 dead deer in the last two months within 3 blocks of my home near the corner of Green Rd and Glacier, I don’t understand how there could only have been 50 deer hit during the whole of 2013 in all of Ann Arbor.

Maybe there is another definition of a car crash or of what constitutes the Ann Arbor herd??
Has to be under-reported.

#A2manydeer #wc4eb

Another dead deer on Green Rd.

My husband went off to a meeting early this morning, around 7:45am. He said he saw a large deer, dead by the street at the corner of Vintage Valley and Green Rd. Wasn’t positive it was a doe– might have been a buck, because it was large. It was too dark out to take a picture.

He was back two hours later and the deer was gone.

The city of Ann Arbor is certainly efficient about dealing with deer carcasses. This is the third dead deer we’ve seen in the neighborhood that has disapeared within a very few hours.

Good job, Ann Arbor. What department is responsible for this?
Good thing they were all “curbside”.

Wonder how the cars, passengers, and drivers fared?


Deer Accident on M14

I took out a deer on M14 by Barton Dr tonight. I hit the buck first (swerved and clipped his rear), then he took out the radiator of the semi behind me, then he jumped up and another semi finished him.

I called my wife and we tossed him in the back of the van. Now I need to get him cut up. Any recommendations?

Nov 15, 2015