Lessons Learned” Report – Oak Bay Council Meeting May 11, 2015

From “Lessons Learned” Report – Council Meeting May 11, 2015 – See more at: https://www.oakbay.ca/our-community/pets-animals/deer#sthash.y2mLkJxe.dpuf

deer-attackUrban Pilot Study Area: Oak Bay – Lessons learned

Executive Summary:
There is a financial cost to doing nothing as well as a social cost. There are also real risks to public safety. The costs to taxpayers for managing deer fatalities and to homeowners through property damage, and fencing investments has not been calculated, however it should be noted as it is likely more significant that anyone realizes. We have reports of residents in Oak Bay who
have been chased up their walkways to the door, whose children have been challenged by bucks in rut in their own play area, and whose pets have been trampled in their yards. The deer in Oak Bay are 6 and 7 generation habituated deer and they have lost much of their fear of humans. Escalating human deer conflicts are to be expected and learning more about these wild animals and how to live safely and responsibly with them in our neighbourhoods is an important part of any deer management strategy.

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