Deer in Downtown Ann Arbor

I received this recently in response to the request for non-Ward 1 and 2, sightings of deer.

“Not sure if you still want deer encounters, but I was just playing with my three little boys 2/4/6 in our backyard (downtown/Olivia Ave) and one of them freaked and grabbed me when a deer walked into our yard and started grazing in the flower beds maybe 20 ft from us. She looked at us, ate more and when I tried to urge her on she panicked, dashed around the yard a bit then hopped the 3 ft fence and grazed on the neighbors lilies that surround her side door. When the neighbor walked out of her door, inches from the deer they were both spooked and the deer proceeded on to another yard.
1-I am so thankful that I was outside with my boys who often play unaccompanied. It is frightening to think my 2 or 4 yr old could have been in the sandbox when that deer freaked out! I know a deer will not “attack” but when they are scared they are unpredictable…so are children!!!
2-my husband and I both noticed the deer we were seeing in Northern Michigan last week were absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Their coats were brown and shiny, and their bodies toned and muscular.

This is not what we see in the city, sadly this living arrangement is not positive for residents or animals. I hope with accurate information, professional wildlife management will be able to come up with the healthiest solutions for us all!

This is not just about the hostas, although that is really annoying, it is about proper balance.

Also I think whoever is slinging around ideas of “elite neighborhoods” etc. should stop that! This is Ann Arbor, it is all “elite” 😉 “

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