Ward 3 also having deer problems

I live on Columbia Street in southeast Ann Arbor. We have seen numerous deer in recent weeks. They have eaten spirea bushes, hyacinths, and other plants and bushes in our yard, despite our extensive use of deer-repellent spray. I will track more exactly now that I know there is a registry. Here are a few of our sightings:

Late March: 3 deer (4-point buck, 2 does, one of which had a limp) wandering down Columbia Street in the afternoon.
Early April: 3 deer (1 buck and 2 does) running through the forested area behind our home at 2040 Columbia.
April 4: 1 doe on Columbia Street at midnight.
April 13: 1 buck and 1 doe in our backyard on Columbia Street in the mid-morning, eating emerging plants.

Ward 3

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