2009 article– Fawns pop up in backyards around Washtenaw County

In a 2009 MLive article, Fawns pop up in backyards around Washtenaw County

O’Connor, a licensed deer wildlife rehabilitator, said she’s getting more than 10 calls a day now about baby deer. She said the exploding deer and coyote population in southern Michigan have driven deer closer to homes to fawn.

Concluding paragraphs:

John Niewoonder, a wildlife biologist with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, said both species are highly adaptable to fragmented habitat and urban settings, so people are likely to see them more and more.

Niewoonder said coyotes may be playing a part in deer moving closer to the hearth to have babies, but said it’s more likely that deer are increasingly comfortable living in and around cities, where populations are not kept in check by hunting as they are in rural areas.

“It’s going to be a big problem for us down the road,” he said.


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