About the Deer Management “Plan”

Mayor Hieftje,
I wanted to send you a quick note about the deer management plan that is on the council’s agenda.

I volunteer with NAP and am a steward in a nature area and see the devastation from deer first-hand. I will challenge anyone to find an oak tree that is 2-8′ tall anywhere in our natural areas. There are no next generation oak trees and that is what 90% of the canopy that used to be here.
I find the young seedlings, so the trees are regenerating. But they don’t survive unless I fence them to protect them from the deer . Same with most other natives like dogwood, nine-bark, hazelnuts, etc

I haven’t seen my daylilies bloom for more than 5 years – they eat the flower buds every year.

So, yes, the deer are a problem and they aren’t going away. The density should be about 15 per square mile – I have had 15 pass through my yard in 30 minutes (2 herds of 9 and 6).

Kurt Sonen
314 Huntington Dr

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