City Releases Aerial Deer Survey Results

City Releases Aerial Deer Survey Results

March 17, 2015 – ​The City of Ann Arbor completed two aerial surveys of the deer population on February 10 and March 6. The first survey counted 116 deer and the second survey counted 168. Both aerial deer survey results, specific counts and survey area maps are available to download via the Deer Management Project website at

The aerial surveys were conducted by a three-person crew of city staff who visually counted deer via helicopter. The first aerial flyover included all areas of the city, except the downtown near hospitals and the Arboretum, while the second survey included the entire city, including downtown and the Arboretum.

Deer survey map: Feb 10, 2015 and March 6, 2015. Findings were consistent between the two surveys, which indicate the majority of deer in Ann Arbor are largely located in Wards 1 and 2. The population concentration of deer in Wards 1 and 2 also is corroborated by A2 Open City Hall survey results, resident public comments during two public meetings and numerous resident emails and photos submitted to city staff noting an increase in deer sightings and garden and property damage.

In addition to consulting with the Michigan Department of Natural Resource staff about the flyover results, city staff will use a variety of data to assist in the development of deer management plan options for City Council consideration at the end of April, including aerial deer counts, A2 Open City Hall survey results, public meeting comments and other feedback received directly from residents.

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