Deer Sightings in NE Ann Arbor Neighborhood

In the last week we have seen:

1- Every morning my husband puts out our bird feeders and takes them in every night. Last weekend we left early for a dinner before the UM Dance Program and didn’t bring in the feeders. When we got home that night, there were two does at the feeders, which hang from a pole about 10 feet from our house.

2- On Sunday, we saw a herd of 7 does run through our yard. Very interesting– they were “drafting”, almost single file, but head to flank, so only overlapping a little bit. Not sure what sent them racing through the yard– usually they stay around a bit or meander through. About a half hour later, we saw a dog run through our back yard. Perhaps he is was startled the deer?

3- this morning– three youngish bucks did meander through our yard and the one just behind us. (Note: thought we weren’t supposed to see antlers at this season?) I took a video– not a great one. Have to convert it and then will load.


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