Deer Sightings, Ward 2

Yesterday, my neighbor came over complaining about the deer as well as a few other political games going on with the state.
She said, the day before, we had a herd of 9 deer, all clustered together in my front yard, eating in my front garden. And when I looked, sure enough, the first sprouts of my lilies are chomped down. Didn’t seem to touch the snowdrops or the starting Coltsfoot.

I told her we often see deer in her backyard. She concurred. Said this year they have even eaten her yucca. She said she is not going to plant anything in her back rock garden (which was lovely) this year, or anywhere else in her yard. She says she is going to go before the city’s Assessor’s Office and argue that she is loosing property value due to the deers and that her taxes should be lowered accordingly. I mentioned that we had been thinking the same thing.

She noted that the curb appeal of our homes are diminished, and that we will have more problem selling our houses, should we want to.

Yesterday evening we had a herd of 6 deer in our yards.
It was dusk, so the video is not great, but here they are; six of them in my neighbor’s yard and mine.

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