Deer Sightings

I have had three encounters with deer today, March 24, all within the bounds of Washtenaw, Geddes and Arlington. The roving band of 6 large deer was first encountered near Arlington & Aberdeen about 8:15-8:20 Am, a usual time to encounter them in this location. Second, midday, along Devonshire between Arlington and Londonderry, And Third, at dusk near Heatherway and Glendaloch. Each time they moved through yards eating and trampling, and crossed busy streets impeding traffic, This means they didn’t range far in the course of the day. There are several obvious places in this area they have bedded down, and the excrement is only one clue.

– Martine P.

BTW– that dead deer in the driveway off Washtenaw, east of Sheridan (in Ann Arbor Hills) is still there! Almost 2 weeks later.
Glad it was too cold to have my window rolled down. Don’t think I want a whiff of that.

– admin

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