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    Just got finished reading an article about plants that deer will not eat. Chief among the plants listed is allium. So I’m real pleased about my Spring garden and all the lovely allium I have out there– at least in Spring I have something lovely to look at– and I went out to look at the garden while my husband was mowing the lawn.

    Waiting for the lawn mowing to stop

    Waiting for the lawn mowing to stop

    The lawn mower scared a fawn, who had been hiding in the garden, yet again it seems– and it also really scared my husband when the fawn jumped up and ran away, though not too far away.

    Looks like fawn and mom, and maybe more, had both been having a great time in the garden. They might not eat the allium, but I hope this picture shows a large area in my allium “bed” that got trampled down– looks like they were rolling around back there.

    Deer-Resistant Edibles for Your Garden

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