How much does it cost to give a deer contraceptives?

From DeerFriendly, covering the Ann Arbor City Council meeting last week

Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor officials expected to make a decision on deer culling by next month July 14, 2015, MLive
… Injecting PZP pellets into deer — either by hand or using a dart gun — renders deer temporarily infertile. Boyles Griffin said a $25 dose lasts about one year, while a $230 dose can last about two or three years.

Another article I read on deer contraception said

“After the authors ran the model their results estimated a cost of $359 per treated antlerless deer. It should be pointed out that this figure assumed that all deer were darted only once. This is important, because presently there is no one-shot contraceptive currently available. They also assumed all the female deer would be effectively treated with PZP, even though misses, poor hits or malfunctioning darts would certainly occur. Additionally, they incorporated the cost of shooting button bucks which would surely increase the total cost.”, By C.J. Winand, whitetail biologist from Randallstown, MD

Does get pregnant starting their first year and may live, bearing fawns, for 15 years, barring car-vehicle accidents. That would be up to seven treatments per doe during her lifetime. The cost of the contraceptive, per deer then, would be approximately $2100.

Now this is the cost of the doses of contraceptive only. Does not take into account the tranquilizer, the baiting, the staff needed to tranquilize then inject the deer with contraceptive, the housing of those “administrators,” or the actual administration of this ongoing project.

Lets get our facts straight. This is definitely not the same cost as culling a deer. Nor does it provide any meat for donations.

The cost of contraception is more than 7 times as much as to safely cull a deer and writing something different, does not make it so.

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