Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Went to the Botanical Gardens last Sunday for the first time in quite a while.

The Display and Children’s gardens were spectacular.
Couldn’t help but notice the deer fence around the whole area– and the large areas of fenced-in spaces in the open areas- exclosures, community garden plots, not to mention around a great many of individual plants.

If you look at the map of the gardens, the fencing is shown and called “deer fence,” so there is no denying its purpose.

The management of the gardens are smart. The fences are at least 10 ft tall and, for much of its length, at the top of a slope. That should keep the deer out so their plants can grow.

Its a very large property and most of the fencing is near invisible because of all the trees and natural growth they have been able to use as camouflage.
They also have a nicely fenced in area (good looking wooden fence) around the bonzai tree display.


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