NE Ann Arbor, March 8, 2015

Deer Sightings in my yard

I believe we had two herds of deer come through my yard this morning, Ward 2, NE side of Ann Arbor, off Green Rd.

At around 8:00 (DST) my husband saw about 10 of the deer, sleeping in our yard and our neighbor’s. Instead of his usual getting out the pan covers and clanging them together to scare the deer, this time, first, he grabbed my camera and took some pictures. They got up when he opened the sliding glass door, so they are in the process of moving toward Green Rd in his pictures.

Then about a 45 minutes later, another herd came through. I say another herd, because they were coming again from the east heading west, and my husband said the first batch seemed to be lead by a doe with a problem with her front leg, and we saw no evidence of an injured animal in this herd.

Sorry, the video is sideways, but I got close enough and the light was good enough, that its pretty clear what you are seeing.

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