Reducing Deer Browse Damage

Reducing Deer Browse Damage, Natural Resources Conservation Service, 2009

Some behaviors deer exhibit that may be useful in developing a deterrent plan.

Learns to tolerate:

  • bad taste or smell,
  • colored strobe lights,
  • sirens and loud noises;
  • Jumps high (up to 12 feet with sufficient motivation) or far (up to 30 feet with sufficient motivation), but not both at same time;
  • Crawls through openings as small as 7.5 inches;
  • More likely to jump fences in woodlands than in open areas;
  • Learns to remove bud caps and netting protecting terminal buds;
  • Follows customary paths to known food sources;
  • Tests for weaknesses in any and all barriers, repeatedly;
  • Nibbles young stems emerging from tube protectors and chemical repellents.

Well, this tells us how deer behave. Going to be tough to come up with real deterrents.

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