Deer and Tick Disease in Ann Arbor

Ward 3

Due to overpopulation of deer, Lymes Disease is emerging. I was camping in an area with deer and did get bit by a tick and got Lymes. Thankfully I saw the bullseye and got treated. All deer can carry the ticks which wait for someone to come along for them to attach to. Lymes is one disease you really want to avoid getting and if you see deer, there is risk.

I went to a Lymes’ support group and the stories are horrendous! Some folks got Lymes from petting deer at a deer farm! Gone are the days where grandpas passed on hunting to the kids. So, overgrowth of deer and I think Ann arbor needs to put human needs first and get rid of the deer. (hunting, re-location, etc) This can be a life-altering, paralyzing disease. Deer in the back yards puts anyone in that yard at risk.

So sorry you have them there.

C.N., Allen Park area

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