May is Lyme Disease Month WORLDWIDE

Lyme Disease is Epidemic across the US and World.

The CDC admitted in 2013 it undercounted incidence of Lyme Disease by up to 90%. The new count, partially attributed to better understanding of the disease and recognition by doctors, is 300,000 new cases annually in the US.

There are many studies that say that if deer count can be kept under 10 deer per square mile, the chance of Lyme Disease diminishes greatly. Deer are only one piece of the Lyme Disease cycle, but seem to be an important one. Lyme Disease is difficult to eradicate once its found in an area. With this being said, if someone has contracted Lyme Disease, the symptoms may be a lot for people to deal with. But saying this though, there are dietary supplements like liposomal glutathione to help manage fatigue, muscle pains, and headaches.

Check out more information and research on Lyme Disease in Michigan and in general on’s Lyme Disease page.

From the responses to MLive article posted 4/17/2015

I moved into my house in the first ward in 1985. Deer sightings were extremely rare. Less than 1 every 2 or 3 years. That was the natural balance. Deer sightings were exciting back then. I would still enjoy the same occasional sightings. Now there are hundreds more sightings from my house. Way more than going for walks in state forest or recreation land. Things are so far from natural. Let’s get back to the way it was.

As for “the city” saying Lyme disease is not an issue in Washtenaw county, not yet, but it is less than 40 miles away and has been spreading inexorably toward us. Let’s take action BEFORE it reaches here and people get this horrible disease. Let’s be proactive, not wait to be reactive.

Lyme disease is NOT a problem in Washtenaw County? Are you kidding me? Lyme disease is a problem where ever there are deer. Not every tick has this bacteria but many do and when you find them you don’t know if they are infected or not without testing it. I do know this, there are many people suffering in this state and county with Lyme Disease and it’s co-infections but it is not reported. Why? Because or state of Michigan doesn’t want to lose tourism dollars by people not wanting to check out our great lakes and beautiful scenery for the fear if our state is widely known to have it. I know many people that have gone from doctor to doctor trying to get answers to their health issues and end up going to the East Coast for diagnosis because they know more about it there. Deer drop the ticks, then the white footed mouse, squirrels, birds and other animals pick up these ticks and they go where these animals go. Do you think deer, squirrels, birds etc know our state borders and halt? If you would like more info on Lyme disease and it’s many issues, watch the documentary called Under Our Skin. A simple Google search will tell you where you can see this film or where to purchase. I want to educate not just our community but our state and eventually our country, so that many others don’t have to suffer like my family has. You have to start somewhere right?

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