A jail for deer???

This morning a herd of 6 trespassers passed thru my yard at about 8:45AM. I need the trespassers arrested and put in jail. We need a jail of about 1 sq-mile with a 12 ft high fence, that is 640 acres. If we collect our trespassing deer and put them in the jail, then in time they will die of natural causes.

deer-autoshopLooking at the first aerial survey map I count 58 deer for Ward 2. Some of that count is slightly outside the border, but close enough that they should be considered part of ward 2. The total land area of Ann Arbor is 27.83 sq-miles, round this to 28. Ward 2 is a large ward based on land area so I will estimate its size at 7 sq-miles. This results in 58/7 = 8.3 deer per sq-mile. Our actual density is probably quite a bit greater.

My count from the map for Ward 1 was 28, and Ward 3 was 19.

Clearly the deer population in A2 has the greatest affect on ward 2. Outside the city there is a big cluster north of Ward 5, but not on the first map.

Yesterday during our walk around the block, about 5/8 to 3/4 mile, we met a neighbor from about a block and a half away. She lives on Hawthorne and has lived there for 20 years, we have lived at our location for 48 years and within the neighborhood for 56 years. Her perspective on when the deer problem started is better than mine because her arrival time in the area is much closer to when the problem started. She said there was no deer problem when she and her husband moved in about 1995. Her estimate would make circa 2005 the problem beginning time.

Too much emphasis is being placed on deer count per sq-mile, and doing deer counts, rather than on deer damage.

We have to reduce the deer population in the city to virtually 0 to reduce damage. There should be no limit on how fast this can done, and there should be no season limit. Culling should start immediately as it should have years ago when the problem was much smaller.

The criteria should be no deer sightings and no damage.

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