From Ward 3

Even in my area, Ward 3, which supposedly has few deer, the damage to the environment by deer has become serious over the past two years.
In particular:

  • Deer are eating not just decorative plants but also food crops in gardens. On my city lot, I have large vegetable and herb gardens that have been damaged.
  • Deer are destroying native-plant rain gardens mandated by the city for storm water management. I have three rain gardens that have been damaged.
  • Deer are killing trees by removing bark in winter. Trees absorb storm water and provide summer shade. I have had trees damaged and now must keep the trunks wrapped in fencing.
  • I have found that deer repellents are expensive, require frequent reapplication, and are only partially effective.
  • Fences must be at least 8 feet high to keep deer out of a yard. Such high fences are not practicable on a small city lot. In addition, the city does not allow fences at this height in front yards. My largest rain garden is in my front yard.
  • I have sighted deer in or near my yard in southeast Ann Arbor nearly every day in recent months.
  • I have had two near-misses with deer when driving my car.
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