Deer in Ann Arbor

    City of Ann Arbor Deer Management Plan

    City of Ann Arbor Deer Management Program Evaluation, Rev. 05/28/2019, May 2019Respondents expressed widely varied sentiments toward the deer population in general. Approximately 29 percent of respondents city-wide said they felt “Mostly positive” toward the deer population, compared to 19 percent who answered “Mostly negative” and 31 percent who answered, “Both positive and negative.” Nearly half (44 to 45 percent) of all 3+ year residents city-wide indicated that deer / vehicle accidents, damage from over-browsing, and an increase in the deer population have been a “serious problem” over the last 3 years, one-fourth or fewer (25 percent or less) said any of these were “not at all a problem.”

    The City of Ann Arbor has published the Ann Arbor Deer Map, covering data crashes from 2011 on, counts from 2015 on.


    Interview with Bernie Banet of Washtenaw Citizens for Ecological Balance.
    Topic: The Increasing Number of White-tailed deer in Southern Lower Michigan
            The Green Room


    Interview with Randy Baker of Naturalist Endeavors
    Topic: White-Tailed Deer Impact Michigan Ecosystem
            The Green Room


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