Washtenaw Citizens for Ecological Balance

Deer on an Ann Arbor street
Why We Must Manage Urban Deer Populations

Deer Biology and History

Deer Impacts on the Environment

Deer Impacts on Safety and Health

City of Ann Arbor Deer Crashes 2011-2019 
Deer Crashes 2011-2019
How to Manage Urban Deer

Methods of Urban Deer Management

Results and Examples of Deer Management Programs

Deer Browsing in Ann Arbor yard
Ann Arbor’s Deer Management Program

Deer Management in Ann Arbor

Deer Impacts on Ann Arbor’s Natural Areas

Washtenaw Citizens for Ecological Balance, a group of natural area stewards, scientists, lay scientists, and interested citizens, created this site as a resource to raise awareness and provide facts about the perils to ecological balance from overabundant species.

We believe that the white-tailed deer population is currently the most urgent threat to our community’s ecosystem. We aim to apprise decision-makers and the public of the necessity to curtail its growth and to promote the most effective methods for managing it. Our focus is Ann Arbor, Michigan, but these issues are common to municipalities and park systems across North America.